Dr Kelly Davidge

Programme Manager

Kelly is the Programme Manager for Sustainable Care. She plays a key role in overseeing the delivery of Sustainable Care, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Programme and manages all budgetary, planning and reporting mechanisms.

Kelly also oversees the internal and external communications strategies, working closely with Sustainable Care research teams and the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences Marketing and Communications and Engagement teams to develop impact from research. Kelly supports the development and implementation of Programme policies, including data and ethics management, publication strategies and capacity building, and coordinates relationships and activities with the Programme’s external partners.

After completing her PhD in Microbiology, Kelly spent a further six years in academia as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and three years as Research and Development Manager in industry. Throughout her career, she has worked collaboratively to solve problems, and helped teams to achieve project goals. As Programme Manager of Sustainable Care, Kelly is committed to making an impact in a wider social context, ensuring the successful completion of the programme in collaboration with all its stakeholders.