International Journal of Care and Caring

Opportunities in the International Journal of Care and Caring

Call for special issues

The International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) aims to publish one Special Issue per year. Proposals are now invited for Special Issues for consideration by the Editors in July 2022.
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Call for Editors

The IJCC, now in its 6th year of successful publication, wishes to appoint up to six new editors to its Editorial Team.

Opportunities are available for early, mid and late career scholars with established interests and expertise in care and caring. These arise from the journal’s success to date, the increasing number of submissions received, and to replace editors as their terms of office end.
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Professor Sue Yeandle, Director of CIRCLE, is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Care and Caring.

The International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) is a multidisciplinary journal designed to advance scholarship and debate in the important and expanding field of care and caring. Multidisciplinary and international in scope, it publishes high quality contributions on care, caring and carers from all regions of the world. IJCC has a broad focus, covering care and caring for people of any age who have long-term conditions, disabilities or frailties, or who are seriously ill or near the end of life. It explores the economic, organisational, political, social, legal, familial, transnational and ethical settings in which this care occurs.

IJCC is concerned with care provided as paid work and as support for family members, friends or neighbours; with care in home, community and residential settings; and with formal and informal care relations, organisation, systems and markets. It focuses on ‘receiving’ and ‘giving’ care and on the gendered nature and social, political, legal and economic status and circumstances of care and caring. It debates the support needed in localities, workplaces and health systems to make care and caring feasible and rewarding for carers and dignified and supportive of independence for care recipients. IJCC welcomes contributions on caring relationships, the ethics and political economy of care, care as a focus of moral philosophy and feminist analysis and care and caring as sources of claims-making and challenge and as the spur for national and global social movements.

The journal encourages critical engagement with policy and practice developments and aims to include contributions from different areas of the world in each edition. Its regular Debates and Issues section features dialogue with carers’ organisations, policymakers, trade unions, employers and academics, to encourage global dialogue and international sharing of ideas, expertise and experience.

What people are saying about the International Journal of Care and Caring

“Care is routinely undervalued, at all levels, and across disciplines. The International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) will play an important role in addressing this, promising new analyses of care for our contemporary care challenges, including issues of care sustainability, care and new technologies and caring for a greying world.”
Loretta Baldassar, University of Western Australia

“The new International Journal of Care and Caring is a timely and significant scholarly journal which will publish research and policy debates in the hugely significant, social, political, legal and economic spheres of the interconnections of formal and informal care provision and the receipt of care services, with international coverage. All of us who research, debate and design care policies, and who live the relationships of care in academic, government, community, business and trade union settings, welcome this new journal.”
Bettina Cass, Emeritus Professor, Social Policy Research Centre, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences University of New South Wales

“This journal is long overdue, for care and caring are hugely important topics deserving of close attention. The journal will make a major contribution to the field, given the people behind it, its global and multi-disciplinary orientation, and its commitment to critical engagement with scholarship and policy and practice.”
Mary Daly, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Oxford

“The IJCC is exciting and timely, providing an important international and interdisciplinary evidence base for improved care and support for carers.”
Maria Evandrou, Professor of Gerontology, Director Centre for Research on Ageing, University of Southampton

“The Journal is essential reading for academics, policy makers and practitioners interested in the complexities and nuances of care and caring.”
Judith Phillips OBE, Professor of Gerontology, University of Stirling

“As longstanding concerns of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers around the world, the multi-faceted issues relating to care and caring merit the attention of a new multidisciplinary journal. The International Journal of Care and Caring promises to make a major contribution to our understanding of these issues.”
Thomas Scharf, Professor of Social Gerontology, Newcastle University

“Will bring a new level of scholarship and attention to issues facing sustaining our humanity for the future … promises new forms of philosophical-ethical study, concrete clinical-social care/caring phenomena and practices worldwide. The trans-disciplinary journal goals assure diversity as well as convergence of scholarship.”
Jean Watson, Watson Caring Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado

“I warmly welcome this timely and important new journal, which is extremely relevant for our network, offering an exciting new forum for debate and international exchange of knowledge about care, carers and caring.”
Stecy Yghemonos, Executive Director, Eurocarers – European Association Working for Carers