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Care poverty: In conversation with Teppo Kröger

Dr Duncan Fisher welcomes Professor Teppo Kröger to discuss ‘Care poverty: When older people’s needs remain unmet’.

5 October 2022
The Centre for Care website is now live!

Visit the Centre for Care website for updates, commentaries, events, podcasts, publications and more from our team.

22 September 2022
The urgency of increasing care worker pay

Duncan Fisher explores the case and benefits for increasing care worker's pay.

14 September 2022
Carers Week 2022

A message from Sue Yeandle for Carers Week 2022.

9 June 2022
The sustainability of adult care at home in Turkey

As part of our CIRCLE seminar series, we are delighted to virtually welcome Dr Hamza Kurtkapan from the Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University in Turkey.

13 June 2022
Keeping the older population and their informal carers healthy

Maria Nilsson summarises key points from her recent publication in Ageing & Society with NKA colleagues.

14 June 2022
Migration and intergenerational cooperation

PhD student Yingzi Shen writes about intergenerational family care in China between rural and urban locations.

17 May 2022
Improving adult care together

A two-part episode, 'Improving adult care together' hosted by IMPACT Director, Jon Glasby

4 May 2022
IJCC opportunities

The IJCC is inviting proposals for special issues and looking for new members for its Editorial Team.

3 May 2022
Reflections on frontline social care

PhD student Nick Morgan writes about his experience as a support worker, and the challenges facing the sector.

19 April 2022
CARE MATTERS Podcast: The right to be me

Maria Cheshire Allen (Researcher, Swansea University) is joined by Irene Mortimer (Swansea Carers Centre) and Jude Dale (Dementia Friendly Swansea).

6 April 2022
An alternative experimental approach to understanding pain in people with dementia

As part of our CIRCLE seminar series we virtually welcomed Dr Christian Morgner to CIRCLE. A recording of the seminar is now available.

24 March 2022
Care, caring, and the global COVID-19 pandemic

Policy Press made all items in this issue free to view during March 2022.

2 March 2022
Family Day imagery neglects family caregivers’ care work

New research by Sustainable Care programme colleagues at the University of Alberta reveals the value of unpaid carers in Canada.

23 February 2022
CARE MATTERS Podcast - No jab, no job: Three months on

Centre for Care Co-Investigator Tom Hunt is joined by Rachel Harrison (GMB) to discuss mandatory vaccination for care home workers in England.

1 February 2022

A blog entry by James Wright, Kate Hamblin and Matthew Lariviere 

26 January 2022