CARE MATTERS Podcast - Care poverty: In conversation with Teppo Kröger

5 October 2022

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In this episode of the CARE MATTERS podcast, Centre for Care Researcher, Dr Duncan Fisher welcomes Professor Teppo Kröger, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care (CoE AgeCare) to talk about Teppo’s recent publication, ‘Care Poverty: When Older People’s Needs Remain Unmet’.

During the episode, Duncan and Teppo explore the key messages and the concept of ‘Care poverty’, providing an easily-digestible overview of this important work.

Teppo is also asked about his research interests, the influence of feminist social policy, gerontology and social inequality literature on his research and gives great advice for researchers looking to write their first book.

“This book is a product of a quite a long process. Maybe even 20 years. I’ve been trying to think of an approach to social care, long-term care that would not only focus on resources or services that are provided, but it would really dig into the key question that I think that we should really be focussing on, that is whether people who need help and support really get it, or not. That’s really the key idea, or the key question, of this book.”

Professor Teppo Kröger

Professor Teppo Kröger